Comprehensive Therapy in West London

At Oxford House Therapy we offer a comprehensive range of therapy options in West London work and with many different issues including just some of the following.

Our Therapists profile pages explain more about their individual specialisms and the services they provide.

Isolation and Loneliness Therapy During the Quarantine

As part of the fight to limit the spread of COVID-19 the new social distancing rules mean that millions of people are now working from home and have very little social contact. Such a significant change in daily routines may increase feelings of social isolation and loneliness during the quarantine.

Abuse Therapy

Abuse is any action that violates your human or civil rights. Abuse can take many forms and can take place in any situation. the abuser could be a stranger, a family member, a colleague or a person in a position of trust.

Addiction Therapy

Addictions to alcohol, drugs (illegal or prescription), sex, pornography, gambling, eating or shopping, for example, usually start as coping strategies for escaping emotional pain. These strategies can develop into long-term habits which can get in the way of the lives of the addict and affect those around them.

Anger Therapy

Anger is most often thought of as an active explosive or dominating force but anger can also be exist in a quieter and more passive form. If not expressed anger can be turned in on ourselves or leak out in other areas of our lives and cause harm.

Anxiety and Panic Attack Therapy

Therapy can help you with anxiety and panic attacks by helping you to find strategies for managing these situations. You can also explore what is behind or triggering your anxious feelings and explore alternative responses.

Bereavement and Loss Therapy

The pain of grief and loss from a death or an ending or change in a relationship can be very difficult to bear and lasts for different lengths of time in different people. You may experience a range of feelings including numbness, denial, anger and sadness.

Children aged 10+ and Young adults

Mental health is something we all have and it is how we support it that matters. Children and young adults needing help can reach out to a number of our therapists at Oxford House to help navigate any difficult issues they may be experiencing and learn ways to develop resilience and help take care of their mental health as they get older.

Couples Therapy

A relationship is the coming together of two unique people with their different upbringings, life experiences and differences. This, together with the everyday pressures of life, make challenges in a relationship inevitable. Couples counselling and marriage guidance allow couples to work through these challenges.

Depression Therapy

It is natural to feel down from time to time. Depression, however, is when you feel down for a long period of time. You often feel helpless and feel that everything is bleak and too much effort.

Family Issues Therapy

Families can throw up challenges whether in our family of origin, our current family, or our family-in-law. This can be due to the roles that we learn and play out which can get in the way of authentic and deep relationships.

Food Related Issues and Body Image Therapy

Our relationship with food is often deeply connected with our emotions and painful emotions can often be masked through comfort eating or depriving ourselves of food. If these ways of eating become habits, they can develop into eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia which can affect our lives in many ways. Body dysmorphia (having a distorted body image), which can develop from low self-esteem, can also have an impact on our relationship with food.

Gender Therapy in West London

If you are questioning your gender or sexuality identity, or in the process of coming out or transitioning it can be helpful to have a confidential, non-judgemental and safe space to talk through your feelings, concerns or doubts.

Identity Therapy

Identity is used to describe how we see ourselves as well as how others see us as some parts of our identity are visible and other parts are invisible. Different elements of our identity include our gender, race, sexuality, religion and nationality. Sometimes we can struggle with a part of our identity or with our identity as a whole and sometimes we can struggle with changes in our identity.

Parenting and Step-parenting Therapy

Parenting can be rewarding but it can also be fraught with challenges. The demands, responsibilities and expectations can sometimes feel overwhelming and painful memories from your own childhood may also be stirred up. Being ‘good’ parents often feels hard. Blended families can present particular challenges as the members adjust to their new family situation.

Relationship Issues Therapy

Relationships with your partner, family, friends or in your job or elsewhere may not always be easy. Relationships are complex and dynamic and each one is unique.

Self-esteem Therapy

Having low self-esteem is difficult for us as we can feel unloved, worthless, incompetent and can lack confidence and this can affect all areas of our lives. It can cause us to view ourselves and others unrealistically and can affect our relationships.

Stress and Overwhelm Therapy

Stress can be healthy in small doses but sometimes we feel it is overwhelming us and this can cause anxiety and impact many areas of our life including our physical health.

Suicidal thoughts and Feelings Therapy

Suicidal thoughts and feelings can arise when you have the feeling that you are at a dead end and have no other options.

Transition and Change Therapy

Change is a natural part of life and at times it can be exciting but it also involves loss and can be destabilising. Change means we have to leave our comfort zone and face new and often difficult challenges and this can leave us feeling vulnerable and alone.

Trauma and PTSD Therapy

Trauma is a broad term and one that incorporates acute, chronic and complex traumas.

Our collective understanding of what constitutes Trauma is evolving almost daily with the help of neuroscience and other research.

Work/Life Balance Therapy

Juggling life with work is not always easy and finding the time for everything we have to do and want to do can be a real challenge. Sometimes we can find that work takes over and this can affect our relationships with partners, family and friends and our time to relax and have fun.