Oxford House Therapy, in Chiswick, West London, offer psychotherapy and counselling services for a wide range of issues including depression, anger management, couples counselling, abuse, anxiety, grief, stress and work-life balance.

To view the therapists’ profile pages to understand more about each of their particular specialisms please visit Our Therapists.

Online Therapy

Can I still get therapy - during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes.  Therapy doesn’t need to stop. Many of our therapists are now offering both face-to-face or remote therapy either online or over the phone, see the individual therapist pages for details of the services they offer.

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How Does Online Therapy Work

Once you have decided on a therapist, please make contact with them directly via their contact details. They will inform you as to how they are working. This could be on the Telephone or online via: Skype/Facetime/Zoom/Vsee or WhatsApp.

You will need to ensure that you can conduct your session in privacy so that no one else is in the room or with you. ..

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Which therapists provide online therapy or phone therapy?

Search through the list of therapists, their profile will say if they can provide online therapy or phone therapy.

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Face to face therapy during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Oxford House Therapy is OPEN and COVID safe. In line with government guidelines, therapists are now offering face-to-face sessions again.

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How do I choose the right therapist?

Choosing can be a little overwhelming as there are so many different types of therapies. However research shows that the relationship you build with a therapist plays a hugely important role in the outcome of therapy irrespective of the theory. For this reason, you are welcome to make contact with a number of OUR THERAPISTS to chat with them and find out if you are a right fit.

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What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?

Counselling and Psychotherapy differ primarily in the length of time that you spend working. Counselling tends to be focused on a particular issue over a shorter period of time. Psychotherapy can be a more in-depth process over a longer duration. The term ‘therapy’ is often used to describe both.

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How much will therapy cost?

Each therapist charges differently and their fees are listed on their profile page. Once you have had an initial session and decided to continue the work, most therapists will ask for a weekly commitment. Some offer a low cost fee and others are willing to work fortnightly.

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What if I am taking medication?

Psychotherapists do not prescribe anti-depressants. These will be prescribed by your GP or psychiatrist. Counsellors and therapists often work with people who are taking anti-depressants or support them as they come off anti-depressants.

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How do I know the therapist is qualified?

At Oxford House Therapy every therapist is insured, qualified and registered with and/or a member of a professional association relevant to their particular field. For further information about each therapists’ individual training and qualifications please see their individual profiles.

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How long will therapy take?

This is dependent on what you bring to the therapy to work on and how you work in and between the sessions. You will able to get a clearer idea once you meet with a therapist and discuss the issues you are bringing. Whilst some therapies like CBT and counselling are more short-term, and limited to a number of sessions, as they focus on specific issues, Psychotherapy can be an open-ended contract allowing you to explore a wider variety of issues over a longer period of time and in greater depth. In either case your therapist will review with you over time to ensure you are getting what you need.

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